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CPSR/Japan news in English
News (in English) ICANN board from CPSR/Japan (Dec.2004)
Joichi Ito became ICANN board in 2004.
News (in English) CPSR/Japan website renewal (Feb. 2005)
Website of CPSR/Japan moved to
News (in English) Archiving CPSR history (April 2005)
Announcement on Archiving CPSR history for Future Use
News (in English) CPSR/Japan monthly meeting 2005
CPSR/Japan has casual lanch meeting in Tokyo for both member and expected member. The meeting is held on the second Saturday of each month beginning from this April.
News (in English) WSIS-Tokyo (May 2005)
CPSR/Japan member will join to WSIS thematic meeting at Tokyo on 16-17 May 2005.
News (in English) Archiving CPSR history (since 2005)
Some consideration about archiving CPSR historical materials including bibliography.
News (in English) On P2P Developer Trial (Dec. 2006)
On "Winny" P2P software developer trial judgement
News (in English) CPSR/Japan VP comments on the illegal/harmful websites (Jan. 2008)
CPSR/Japan VP comments on the Japanese proposal on the regulation of illigal/harmful websites.

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