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Archiving CPSR history (April 2005)

Announcement on Archiving CPSR history for Future Use

Archiving CPSR history for Future Use

CPSR has a history more than 25 years since early 1980s. (See History and Timeline 1981-2002 on website). Many people had contributed CPSR -- for example, writing seriously researched reports, position papers, textbooks, video presentations, or holding casual meetings, annual conferences, editing proceedings cooperating with other public organizations. But the historical material has not been accessed from CPSR website online yet.

In year 2005, Shinji Yamane, CPSR/Japan chair, began to archive early CPSR historical resources. It includes the collecting, cataloging, digitizing resources to put them to the CPSR website.

At first, Yamane visited CPSR office and digitized historical materials of first official year: ""CPSR Newsletter" in 1983-1984 and "CPSR Annual Report 1983-1984" They will be available from CPSR website in April. We also started to rebuild current history/publication section in CPSR website. If there are any member who know the location of early CPSR materials, please contact Shinji Yamane.

[New] working report (May 2005, Nov. 2005)

I write working report with bibliograph at

Next step

The second archiving at CPSR office will be start in June in 2005. We are especially looking for these materials:

  1. pre-CPSR year activities in 1981-1983:
    This period should be informative for initial members of new chapters. Some historians are also interested in this area (See CPSR Compiler August 2003).
  2. Past CPSR Annual Reports not appeared in CPSR website(
  3. CPSR Newsletters (original form) in 1983 -- 1984 (volume 1, volume 2)
    These original early newspapers are lost, and only injured photocopies at CPSR office are available.
  4. Lost video resources
    Thanks to past office staffs, most of CPSR publications are stored, however, many video titles are lost. Lost videotape titles are below: "Losing Control?" (1 hour video viewed at CPSR Office in 1990), "SDI: Is the Software Feasible?" (1 hour video in 1986), "To Err..." (15 minutes video in May 1985), and "MIT debate on the feasibility of the SDI" (2 1/2 hours, October 1985). We also need help with digital re-mastering of these tapes to DVD-ROM.
  5. Archiving Software
    The huge digital material is archived with Greenstone Digital Library Software, and will be distributed by CD-ROM after 2006.

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