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3.V.2 - Forum

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65A. We recognize the need for a global multi-stakeholder forum to address Internet-related public policy issues. Thus we commit to the creation of such a space for dialogue among all stakeholders (hereafter referred to as “the forum”). Source: WGIG Report, para 40

65B. Such forum should allow for the participation of all stakeholders from developing and developed countries on an equal footing, and foster full participation in Internet governance arrangements by developing countries. Balance and diversity of participation as regards, inter alia, geography, language, culture, gender, professional background, should be ensured. Source: WGIG Report, paras 41-43

65C. Such forum should be open to all stakeholders from all countries; any stakeholder could bring up any Internet governance issue. It could assume, inter alia, the following functions:

  • Interface with intergovernmental bodies and other institutions on matters under their purview which are relevant to Internet governance, such as IPR, e-commerce, trade in services and Internet/telecommunications convergence.
  • Identify emerging issues and bring them to the attention of the appropriate bodies and make recommendations.
  • Address issues that are not being dealt with elsewhere and make proposals for action, as appropriate.
  • Connect different bodies involved in Internet management where necessary.
  • Contribute to capacity-building for Internet governance for developing countries, drawing fully on local sources of knowledge and expertise.
  • Promote and assess on an ongoing basis the embodiment of WSIS principles in Internet governance processes.

It should start its work by also addressing the issues and recommendations identified by the WGIG in its report. Source: WGIG Report, para 45

65D. Such forum should operate through public consultations open to all stakeholders, similar to the open consultations of the WGIG process, and make extensive use of online instruments for remote participation. It should be supported by a very lightweight Secretariat and have transparent, inclusive and accountable multi-stakeholder procedures to adopt its outcomes. Any executive or steering group should be composed by members from all stakeholders, who would serve as peers in individual capacity. The forum should be designed to work cooperatively with existing institutions, and the best possible use should be made of research and work carried out by others. Source: WGIG para 46 + additions

65E. We ask to the Secretary General of the United Nations to appoint an initial Secretariat to hold public multi-stakeholder consultations, similar to the open consultations of the WGIG process, to discuss and reach consensus about the structure and implementation of the forum, so that the forum can be convened in 2006. Source: Implementation proposal for WGIG Report para 44


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