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We believe that public communication and information systems are critical to the maintenence of democratic societies now and are likely to be increasingly so in the future. We also believe that other community core values such as cultural identity, economic development, health, and education can be well-served through well-designed public systems. At the same time we believe that world citizens acting through public interest groups can help these achieve their inherent potential..

Community Network Working Group Mission

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Public Sphere & related projects

Public Sphere & related projects Pattern Language Project

Created on May 04, 2005.

The Pattern Language for Living Communication project is a long-term, participatory project to create a useful, compelling and comprehensive collection of knowledge which reflects the wisdom of people from all over the world who are developing information and communication systems that support humankind's deepest core values.

Other Community Network Resources

Other Community Network Resources Community Networking Archives

Created on May 04, 2005.


Other Community Network Resources Community Network Links

Created on December 22, 2004.


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Why did you join CPSR?

Interested in a forum in which to contribute efforts and share ideas and also, more specifically, a forum in which I may contribute some articles that I am working on.