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National Identity Schemes

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Includes Biometrics, Radio Frequency Identification Tags, FAQ & link to resources.
National Identity Schemes Biometrics
Biometrics is the practice of automatically identifying people by one or more bodily characteristics such as a fingerprint, iris, face, voice or hand-writing.
National Identity Schemes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tags
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the generic term used to describe technologies using radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. We need to be aware of the privacy implications of this technology as its use becomes more widespread.
National Identity Schemes National Identification Schemes (NIDS) and the Fight against Terrorism: Frequently Asked Questions
This set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provides background on why NIDS are an unsuitable measure to increase security against terrorist attacks.
National Identity Schemes National Identification Schemes: Links to Resources
A collection of resources about National ID Cards and Privacy concerns.
National Identity Schemes Identification Technologies: An Analysis
Author: Jeff Johnson

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