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News VA Data Recovered Along With More Leaks

Created on July 03, 2006.

While the laptop that the VA lost, it has been discovered that there is a widespread atmosphere of carelessness with data and perhaps more is missing than we are aware of.

News Phishing and Hacking go 2.0

Created on June 01, 2006.

In this latest extension of phishing, if bringing the mountain (or the phish) to Mohammed isn't working, try waiting for Mohammed to come to the mountain or in this case a person’s banking website. The website has been hacked and a redirect or rewritten links have been added that send the visitor off to pages that request personal information that the phisher uses to gain access to the person's banking and other financial records.

News Veterans Data Theft

Created on May 26, 2006.

The news goes from bad to worse around the data theft from a Department of Veterans Affairs data analyst's home. What looked at first like a cover up is looking more like incompetence or simple lack of planning.

News USA Today Reveals Massive NSA Database of Americans' Phone Calls

Created on May 12, 2006.

USA Today Reveals Massive NSA Database of Americans' Phone Calls. NSA secretly collecting phone information on calls made and assembling possibly the largest database ever made.

News CPSR Opposes Expansion of Employment Verification

Created on March 31, 2006.

CPSR signs on to letter Opposing Expansion of the Basic Pilot Employment Verification System as a Threat to American’s Privacy

News Coalition Update

Created on March 08, 2006.

The coalition has increased to more than 500 organizations. Continue reading for the latest news


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