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From December 2001 to 2005, Privaterra operated as a CPSR Ongoing Project to help protect human rights workers worldwide.
Privaterra, a coalition of computer professionals, human rights workers and human rights organizations joined to harness the power of technology and help protect human rights workers worldwide.  Privaterra provides training in Latin America and worldwide to provide human rights workers with technology and teach them how to secure their information and communications. The group is also constructing a protected clearinghouse of information and resources relating to privacy and security for human rights organizations.

Privaterra is a volunteer-based organization with offices in the United States and Canada, and members in North America, South America and Europe. Their goal of Securing Human Rights is increasingly important as low-tech groups and individuals use the Internet to conduct business and transfer sensitive data around the world.

For more information, see Privaterra's web site,
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USA Chapters -

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Technology must be questioned! And the public and politicians are easily misled.