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Election Verification Project

CPSR has worked in partnership with Verified Voting Foundation in a coalition of dozens of prominent national organizations, representing a combined membership of over three million Americans, on an Election Incident Reporting Project, to prevent election problems from disenfranchising voters or changing election outcomes inappropriately. The Project brings the experience of voting rights groups together with the technical groups.

The system enables activists on the ground to be immediately informed of election problems and seek prompt action; enable journalists to be put in touch with real voters who have real problems; and enable use of the data beyond Election Day, for reports that may be useful, for example, for post-election litigation.

VVF established relationships with voting rights groups to build consensus on a system that best meets the needs of the organizations involved.

Erik Nilsson applied for, and received, a grant from the Quixote Foundation for the Ongoing CPSR Project. CPSR helped  develop the back-end of the system to enable individuals and organizations to input election incident reports using web-based forms and promptly deliver the data back to participating organizations for follow up. The reports are stored in a database for public reporting systems (redacting personally-identifiable information where required), and archiving incidents for later use by academic and media researchers, and the general public. The system  can be used with minor modification for multiple elections cycles, providing a means to make the elections process more transparent and accountable. Erik Nilsson is leading CPSR's work. Cere Davis is the Web Architect, and Susan Evoy is the Researcher.

  Tech Watch organizes technologists to help.

Verified Voting Foundation Technology Maps and Guides are great Election Resources for Voters Concerned by E-Voting Problems

To find out more about CPSR's years of studying voting technology, and our role in this project for election integrity, see

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