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The CPSR Compiler - February 2005

The CPSR Compiler - February 2005 - 3.7 < <

Turning Thoughts to Actions




The deadline for CPSR Board Nominations is Monday,
March 14th, 5 PM U.S. PST.

Nominees must be members of CPSR by January 31st,
Members in good standing as of March 14th are eligible to vote.

During the spring of 2005, CPSR will hold elections to fill
vacancies on its Board of Directors for three-year terms.
All elected Directors run for "at large" positions.
The Board then selects its officers from amongst its membership.

Duties expected of every board member include:

- Staying current reading and participating on the board's email lists

- Working at least two hours a week, beyond reading board email

- Participating on board committees

- Acting as liaisons between the board and its projects, chapters,
  and working groups

- Helping to raise funds to support CPSR and its groups

- Voting on 75% or more of motions before the board

- Attending the preponderance of physical and virtual board
   meetings (there will be one or two daylong physical meetings and
   up to 11 two-hour virtual meetings each year)

- Maintaining membership in CPSR during tenure on the board

 - Complying with CPSR Bylaws

- Avoiding actual and apparent conflicts of interest by complying
   with CPSR's policy on conflicts of interest

All positions take effect on July 1, 2005.

Any CPSR member in good standing as of January 31, 2005
who has legal adult status in his/her home country may
submit a statement of candidacy in English for the board
election. The statement should be 500 words (or less) and

- A description of the candidates background and qualifications,
  including relevant educational and employment history, past work
  with CPSR, and any other relevant experiences;

- A brief policy statement outlining the candidate's perspective on
  the CPSR program and the issues facing the organization; and

- Optionally, a link to the candidate's own web page.

The statement of candidacy will be submitted to the Board
Development Committee for approval. If approved, the candidate
will appear on the ballot. Candidate statements will be sent
with election materials and posted on CPSR's Web site.
Any candidate may also submit a longer statement, which
will also be posted on the CPSR Web site.

Any CPSR member in good standing as of January 31, 2005
who has legal adult status in his/her home country can
alternatively be nominated by petition, which should
include a candidate statement as described above. Such a
petition must be signed by two percent (2%) of the
membership and submitted to the CPSR office by the
Monday, March 14 deadline. For additional information,
please contact the CPSR office at

For more information on the structure and organization
of CPSR, see
The CPSR Bylaws may be found at
For a list of current board members, see

Nominations must be received for vetting via,
with the subject "Nomination", by 5 p.m. U.S. Pacific time on
March 14, 2005.

Ballots will be mailed to all members with postal addresses on
file by March 28, and must be postmarked back to the CPSR
office no later than Monday, May 9, 2005.

Members can have access to the candidates to discuss issues
with them by joining the Elections list via

Ballots will be counted June 9, 2005.


The Board of Directors met by teleconference on January 31st.

Erik Nilsson was appointed a  Director-at-Large by the Board of
Directors on January 31st to serve until June 30, 2006.
Erik is a computer professional and technologist, based in Seattle,
WA. He has been a CPSR member since 1987, and presented a
paper at the first DIAC conference, on software for the "Star Wars"
missile defense system.

Erik chairs the CPSR working group on voting systems. He was
part of an elections team CPSR sent to South Africa to assist with
the historic elections there in 1994. Recently, Erik led the CPSR
component of the Election Incident Reporting System project to
collect and disseminate information about voting incidents in the
2004 US elections.  See


Herb Kanner resigned as Board Secretary on February 9th,
and remains on the Board to serve as Special Director until June
30, 2005. The Board thanks him for his years of service as


The Board of Directors appointed from among its Directors-
at-Large, Katitza Rodriquez ( )
to the office of Vice President, and Desiree Miloshevic
( ) to the office of Secretary,
for the duration of their current elective| terms on the board,
June 30th 2005 and 2007, respectively. The Board welcomes
these directors taking on the greater responsibilities of these
officer positions.

CPSR Website Update

As our new web site evolves, it will offer a forum tool, personal
web pages, and more features for member-to-member
communications and sharing information. That's why there is a
login option on the site. Unfortunately, it's not ready for use yet.
In Sarah Granger's absence, Nancy Brigham, chair of the web
committee and a website designer by profession, thankfully stepped
up to manage the site's architecture, content, and volunteers, and
will help to launch member features.

Nancy.has put in hundreds of volunteer hours on all aspects of
the site over the last six months, and is the most intimately familiar
with it. She could not work on all that is needed now without
nearly full-time commitment to the project in the upcoming weeks.
The Board accepted Nancy's generous offer to work on the CPSR
web site for up to four days/per week, one day of which will be
gratis and the other (8 hour) days to be paid by CPSR at the rate
of $25/hour (half of her normal non-profit website design rate),
until the Board regards the site as usable and stable, but not to
exceed a total payment of $4,800.

Board members researched the ethics of paying a Board member
and found no prohibition in CPSR bylaws.  This arrangement
provides emergency support for a function that is central to CPSR
operations, and which Nancy took on because the work has to
be done as soon as possible. For the complete text of the decision,

The next steps we'll be taking are:

1. Offer login access to members who want to contribute
website content on key issues CPSR  is involved in.
See .

If you're interested in contributing content on any of those
issues or other issues of importance to computer professionals,
please email Nancy at nbrigham (a),  with Subject:
"Issues" and submit your ideas for your participation, and
we'll put you in touch with the web committee.

2. Recruit beta testers for member functions of the site. If you'd
like to volunteer to beta-test the members-only seciton of the CPSR
site, please email Nancy at nbrigham (a) with Subject
"Beta-tester". We'll give volunteers access as soon as the member
section is ready for beta-testing.

When the member's area is ready for prime time, we'll let all
CPSR members know.


CPSR signed a petition initiated by the World Summit on the
Information Society (WSIS) Human Rights Caucus in
support of Human Rights in China (HRIC) Accreditation to
the (WSIS).

HRIC is an international monitoring and advocacy non-
governmental organization based in New York and Hong Kong.
Founded in March 1989 by Chinese scientists and scholars, it
conducts research, education and outreach programs to promote
universally recognized human rights and advance the institutional
protection of these rights in the People's Republic of China.

A member of the WSIS civil society human rights caucus, HRIC
has 15-year record of working constructively in areas relevant to
WSIS. HRIC is an active and constructive contributor to
multilateral and bilateral processes, including the WTO, the Berne
Process, and the EU-China Dialogue Human Rights Seminars.


Invitation to CPSR members to work on a Voting Technology
Assessment report being prepared by the Brennan Center and the
Electronic Privacy Information Center.  The working groups are
divided by work areas:

Security Audibility Verifiability and Transparency Teams
Accuracy Usability Efficiency Reliability
Accessibility and Privacy Team
Cost Effectiveness

Proposed Time Line

* Methodology - first drafts describing how goal or goals will be
   measured - due 2/22/05
* Methodology review - review of and feedback on all methodology
   sections - due 2/28
* Methodology revised - revision of methodology sections based on
   feedback - due 3/7
* Chapter drafts - first drafts of chapters on each goal or cluster
   of goals - due 4/15
* Chapter review - review of and feedback on all chapters - due 4/29
* Chapters revised - revision of chapters based on feedback - due 5/20
* Editing, consolidation - draft of complete report - due 6/17
* Complete report review - review of complete report - due 6/24
* Revised report - final report for publication - due 7/1
* Design and printing - approximately two weeks

Contact: Lillie Coney


Call for Papers for Research Workshop on
User-driven IT Design and Quality Assurance:
"Who can judge IT quality better than professional end-users?"
May 24-25, 2005 in Stockholm
Arranged by CID/KTH in cooperation with
UsersAward, LO, TCO and VINNOVA

The aim of the workshop is to share experiences from and discuss
recent projects in which user communities have managed to gain a
sustained influence on the whole IT design, development and
deployment process. Deadline for Position papers March 15, 2005



CPSR Board Secretary, Desiree Miloshevic, will represent CPSR
at the Democracy, Terrorism and Security conference in Madrid,
March 8-11.

Meeting of the new project Technology And Social Action in
Leeds on March 20-21.  See

Lisa Smith, the new web content manager for the privacy pages
of the website, recommends "The European Union Works Out
RFID Privacy Legislation"


My apologies if I overlooked any entries for this Compiler issue,
and/or if any of your questions/requests to me have not been
answered.Please feel free to send me reminders, maybe with
the Subject beginning - "NUDGE". Thanks, Susan

The CPSR Compiler is a monthly notice with short updates on recent
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of the public voice through CPSR projects.

To report news for future issues, send a sentence or two (and URL if
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CPSR provides a discussion and project space where individuals can
contribute to the public debate and design of our global digital future.
Through CPSR's chapters and working groups, members focus on
regional and civic issues developing the public voice. To insure a
democratic future in a time of intense globalization, the voice of the
public must command a prominent position on the world stage.
CPSR frames and channels the public voice.

When in doubt about how to get more out of your CPSR membership,
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