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Press Releases and Announcements from CPSR
Press Releases & Announcements 2007 End of Year Campaign
Press Releases & Announcements 2006 Annual Appeal
CPSR Needs Your Support
Press Releases & Announcements 2005 Annual Appeal
CPSR Needs Your Support
Press Releases & Announcements CPSR Annual Meeting   Palo Alto, CA, 2005-10-29 11:00:00 - 2005-10-29 17:30:00
We will have a members' meeting for extended discussion that will focus intensively on the state of CPSR.
Press Releases & Announcements Archiving CPSR history (April 2005)
CPSR is pleased to announce that Shinji Yamane is taking the lead in archiving more of CPSR's history for future use.
Press Releases & Announcements Congratulations to our 2003-04 Essay Contest Winners.
Jim MacAulay of Pennsylvania State University won this year's $200 prize, with Chris Perryea of the University of Washington and Steven R. Lovaas of Norwich University as the first runners-up. Read the winning essays, and find out how to participate in the 2004-05 Essay Contest.
Press Releases & Announcements Progress on CPSR's New Web Site
Welcome to the new CPSR web site! We invite you to visit our new Privacy & Civil Liberties section, under "Issues." We also invite you to be a Beta Tester for new member features. And there's a new way to access information from the previous site...
Press Releases & Announcements CPSR Board of Director Elections
We will be filling two vacancies.
Press Releases & Announcements 2004 Annual Appeal
CPSR needs your support.
Press Releases & Announcements CPSR Life member joins ICANN board
Palo Alto, California - December 23, 2004, - Joichi Ito, a CPSR Life member, has been appointed to the Board of Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers (ICANN). His term started as of December 5, 2005 at the last ICANN meeting in Cape Town, South Africa. Joi joins Veni Markovski, as dual CPSR hat on the ICANN board.
Press Releases & Announcements Open Letter from Recipients of the Norbert Wiener Award
Winners of the CPSR Norbert Wiener Award express concern about the significant redirection in science funding toward the development of systems of mass surveillance
Press Releases & Announcements CPSR's 2004 Norbert Wiener Award to Barry Steinhardt
Director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Program on Technology and Liberty
Press Releases & Announcements U.N. Secretary General Appoints CPSR President to Internet Governance Group
United Nations Secretary Kofi Annan has selected forty people from government, business, and civil society organizations to participate in his United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG). CPSR President William Drake was among those appointed to the WGIG.
Press Releases & Announcements Expand Unlicensed Spectrum, But Retain Public Interest Review and Dedicated Uses
Press Releases & Announcements CPSR Calls on Internet Community to Protest Malicious Hacking of Arab and Foreign News Web Sites
Press Releases & Announcements CPSR's 2005 Norbert Wiener Award to Douglas Engelbart
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility honors Douglas Engelbart, pioneer of human-computer interface technology, inventor of the mouse, and social-impact visionary, with its 2005 Norbert Wiener Award, October 29, 2005, in Palo Alto, CA, USA
Press Releases & Announcements CPSR's 2008 Norbert Wiener Award given to Bruce Schneier

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I have been a member for about 14 years, but it seems to me that, given the current state of our nation (and the world), CPSR is needed more than ever to help protect and strengthen democracy and human rights.