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Net Worth, Net Work

Technology and Values for the Digital Age

Sunday, October 5

Two sessions: 9:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m., and 10:45 a.m. to noon

List of Confirmed Workshops:

Ethics and the Attention Economy

Michael Goldhaber
A continuation of Michael's presentation on the Attention Economy on Saturday, this workshop will explore in greater depth the ethical issues we face in this new economy.

A Safe and Healthy Workplace

Joan Lichterman, East Bay RSI Support Group
You have a basic right to a safe and healthy work environment. Joan will share information on how you can work on a computer field without risking your health.

The DNS Controversy: A Case Study in Internet Governance

Nathaniel Borenstein, First Virtual
Harry Hochheiser, Consultant
Who has the right to assign domain names on the Internet? Control over the naming process is an important one in Internet governance, and great controversies have arisen over the current centralized system of domain names. With continued battles over trademarks and naming, this issue serves as an interesting starting point for the question: who governs the Internet?

The Techno-Libertarians

Paulina Borsook, Author Author of the Mother Jones article "Cyber Selfish" (July/Aug 96), Paulina is now writing a book on the libertarian culture of Silicon Valley.

Models for Community Access

Coralee Whitcomb, Virtually Wired
Aki Namioka, Seattle Community Network
Community involvement in the computer age can take many forms, from community networks, such as SCN, to education and training centers. Coralee and Aki will discuss models for community access, including funding, community involvement, and local benefits.

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