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PDC'2000: Cooperating organizations

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Cooperating organizations

Nominations for PDC cooperating organizations are requested. All nominations should be sent to Please see the cooperating organizations agreement below.

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility is pleased to have the involvement of the following organizations in PDC 2000:

ACM - The Association for Computing

ACM's significant interest groups in computer-human interaction(SIGCHI) and groupware (SIGGROUP) sponsor the Computer Supported Cooperative Work conference which has been more or less co-located with PDC since 1992. PDC 2000 is held in cooperation with ACM and CSCW 2000.

Advanced Design Institute
Cornell Participatory Action Research Network
The Graduate Center Continuing Education & Public Programs, CUNY
IFIP - International Federation of Information Processing
  • Working Group 9.1, Computers and Work
    Institute of Cultural Affairs
    The Psychology Department, City University Graduate Center

    Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility's

    Cooperating Organization status is offered to select educational and non-profit organizations. We do so for the purposes of outreach and publicity. The Participatory Design Conference takes place at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, New York City, Nov. 29-Dec. 1.

    Our organization agrees to the following in order to qualify for cooperating organization status with PDC 2000:

    1. We consider the Participatory Design Conference goals and themes to fall within the mission of our organization or our members interests.
    2. We believe that members of our organization will have reason to attend and/or present at the conference. We efforts to ensure that at least one member of our organization attends PDC 2000.
    3. We agree to publicize the conference through our networks and to make note of our cooperating organization status in announcements and communications.
    4. We commit to establishing mutual links between our web sites (in some cases, chapter websites) and agree to be listed in PDC conference publications.
    5. We understand that our members or employees will also receive the membership discount rates for registration afforded to CPSR members.
    6. We understand that CPSR/PDC will provide table space in or near the registration area to distribute materials about our organization.


    *No financial commitment is expected of Cooperating Organizations (nor is any financial gain possible).

    *CPSR is the sole sponsor of activities. Co-sponsors are paying organizations at pre-set levels (please contact us if you wish to have "co-sponsor" status).

    *Current co-sponsors and cooperating organizations are listed on our web site with links to their web sites, if available.

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