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PDC 2000 - the Participatory Design Conference

PDC 2000

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Graduate Center, City University of New York, NY, USA
(located at 365 Fifth Ave at 34th St. across from the Empire State Building.)

Tuesday Nov. 28 - Friday Dec. 1, 2000

Conference Theme: "Designing Digital Environments--Bringing in more voices" 

Participatory Design (PD) is a set of diverse ways of thinking, planning, and acting through which people make their work, technologies, and social institutions more responsive to human needs. The Participatory Design conferences, held every two years since 1990, have brought together a multidisciplinary and international group of researchers, designers, practitioners, users, and managers. The disconnection of the design of technology from the context of its use is well documented, yet the gap between design and use seems to be getting wider. 

Many people claim that the wide-spread use of computers and the Internet have opened up democratic possibilities previously undreamed of. However, we believe that democracy and the quality of life is not a given in the design and use of computer systems. The socio-technical design of digital environments is a dynamic project, which requires the social inclusion and active participation of the users rather than the more typical situation in which the designers are far removed from the daily tasks and activities of the people who use the environments. This is particularly important, as systems grow more complex, intertwined and intransigent. The overall theme of this conference, "Designing Digital Environments--Bringing in more voices" grows out of the earlier papers, books and proceedings of the PDC conferences. It is aimed at extending beyond Information System design toward the participatory design of web-based, mobile and new media environments that are linked through digital technology.

About the Participatory Design Conference

The Participatory Design Conference attracts researchers, designers, practitioners, workers, and managers. Participants share and learn about advances in practices, methods, and theory throughout the cycle of design. PDC 2000 is an international forum where diverse communities can meet, exchange ideas and experiences, and collaboratively invent the future of participatory work. 

PLEASE NOTE: August 1 submission deadline

The deadline for submission of proposals for posters/artifacts/demos and for works-in-progress is August 1.

Submission information: Please see the call for papers for general submission instructions and don't forget to include a cover sheet. For Work-in-progress presentations submit a 3-5 page proposal for presentations of current research, projects, practices and lab reports. For artifacts, posters, and interactive demonstrations, submit a 1-2 page proposal for presentations that will be held during an evening session where participants can get hands-on and discuss with presenters.  

For more on Participatory Design and the conferences, see the CPSR Participatory Design web site and the PD resources created for PDC98.

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