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In a few years most of us will buy a wide range of goods and services, exchange sensitive health care information, and get our daily news over digital networks. We may even use the networks to acquire an education, both as children and as adults, and to conduct political discussions. So it is not just a techie obsession to be concerned with privacy, free speech, universal access, and related issues in Cyberspace. It is a realistic concern for the future of democracy and equity.

The most important civil liberties issue facing us today is getting citizens of all races, classes, and creeds connected to the Internet. Our fight for free speech and privacy rights will remain a hollow victory if cyberspace remains mostly a bunch of well-educated white folks.

Ann Beeson
Staff Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union
Counsel for Plaintiffs in ACLU v. Reno (case striking down the Communications Decency Act) and ACLU challenge to Child Online Protection Act (or “CDA II”)

The basic rights promoted by the CPSR Cyber-Rights working group are:

  • The right to assemble in online communities

  • The right to speak freely

  • The right to privacy online

  • The right to access regardless of income, location, or disability

Topics (fastest-changing pages):
Copyright and intellectual propertyTelecommunicationsAlways-on Internet access and high bandwidthCensorship and the Communications Decency ActDomain name registration on the InternetPrivacy issuesDigital telephone wiretappingEncryption and key recoveryUniversal Service, the digital divide, and Internet pricingMergers in the communications industriesSpamming (unsolicited commercial electronic mail)Government documents onlineWireless digital networksDigital televisionInternet telephonyThe Church of Scientology vs. the Net

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