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CivSoc was a project of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR)

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Cyber-Federalist No. 15: 
The User Voice in Internet Governance --
Today, the collective voice of the user in ICANN exists in the organization named is a mass membership organization founded in early 2002 to unite users in Internet governance, most notably in ICANN.  With over 1000 members, a web site and mailing lists, and an elected governing panel, provides a framework for continued user participation in policy making. Meeting in Shanghai
At ICANN's upcoming board meeting in Shanghai, the user organization will host an At Large Forum.

Cyber-Federalist No. 14: 
Creating the Illusion of Legitimacy
ICANN is widely recognized as lacking legitimacy. This legitimacy deficit is certainly not from any failure to go through the motions.  In its words and its actions, ICANN seems to employ participative, consensus-based, bottom-up procedures.  The problem is that these words and actions often serve only to create an illusion of legitimacy.  The reality is much different.

Comments for Congressional Hearings on ICANN
CPSR's CivSoc submitted comments for the 12 June 2002 hearings on ICANN held by the Subcomittee on Science, Technology and Space of the Commerce Committee of the US Senate.

Cyber-Federalist No. 13: 
Staying the Course on Internet Privatization   [Word Version]
The US Department of Commerce should work closely with ICANN to fully implement the original 1998 Internet privatization policy.  That policy addressed the inescapable need for legitimacy in ICANN with a mechanism that proved workable in 2000: elections.  By avoiding a major restructuring, DoC also avoids the destabilizing combination of organizational change and staff turnover.  Finally, by staying with the original privatization policy, DoC would uphold the Internet traditions of private, voluntary, and decentralized management.  This document was also posted to the ICANN Reform web site.

Cyber-Federalist No. 12:
User Interest in ICANN is Broad and Deep
Although ICANN's At Large Study Committee has attracted few expressions of interest for its proposed user organization, user interest remains broad and deep.  Disinterest in the ALSC should not be confused with disinterest in ICANN.

ICANN Meeting: Accra, Ghana (March 10-13, 2002)
Dialogue with the Directors 
CPSR's Africa chapter and the Internet Democracy Project will be hosting a series of public interest forums at the next ICANN meeting.

Comments to the At Large Study Committee
(26 October 2001)

Cyber-Federalist No. 11:
The Future of Democracy in ICANN:
A Critique of the At Large Study Committee (ALSC) Draft Report
The ALSC abandons the foundational commitments made at ICANN's creation and proposes to radically reduce user representation in ICANN.

Dialogue with ALM Directors -- Montevideo 
Friday, September 7, 2-5 PM
Location: Londres Room, Holiday Inn Hotel (50m from Radisson Hotel)
The Interim Coordinating Committee (ICC) is again hosting a "Dialogue with ALM Directors" at the forthcoming ICANN meeting. 

Cyber-Federalist No. 10:
The Origins of ICANN's At Large Membership
By understanding the history of ICANN's At Large Membership, we can better understand questions confronting us today.

ICANN Melbourne: At Large Members Meetings
The next ICANN meeting is in Melbourne, Australia, from March 9-13. 
Important items on the meeting agenda include the At Large Study
On Friday and Saturday, March 9 and 10, there will be meetings by the Civil Society Internet Forum and the Interim Coordinating Committee
The local sponsor for these events is Electronic Frontiers Australia.

Cyber-Federalist No. 9:
The New Politics of ICANN: Board Diplomacy
Now that Internet users have elected them to ICANN's  Board of Directors, the new At Large Directors will have to master the arts of persuasion, procedure, and coalitions.  A first opportunity for this is ICANN's upcoming Melbourne meeting.

Citing Free Speech Concerns, Cyber-Rights Groups Call for Hearings on Internet Domain Name Decisions
A coalition of civil society groups and scholars have issued a joint letter to the U.S. Department of Commerce calling for hearings and additional public commentary before the department acts on recent Internet domain name decisions that limit free expression; a press release on this subject has been posted online. 

Internet Policy Panel at Georgia Tech (January 26)
"Internet Self-Regulation: Perspectives of Business, Asia, and Civil Society."  A panel discussion with Michael Nelson (IBM), Izumi Aizu (Asia and Pacific Internet Association), and Hans Klein (Georgia Tech & CPSR).  Chaired by Seymour Goodman (Georgia Tech).

Cyber-Federalist No. 8: ICANN's At Large Study
This "clean sheet" study considers eliminating the At Large directors.  Internet users must guard against mischief and work to realize the constructive potential of the study.

Cyber-Federalist No. 7: ICANN Members Launch Coordinating Committee
The ICANN meeting in Marina del Rey was the site of an historic event: the launch of a first organization to facilitate self-organization of the ICANN At Large members and  foster democratic participation in the ICANN process.

ICANN's Commitments to the At Large Membership
This letter documents ICANN's past stated commitments to support the At Large Membership -- commitments that are being reconsidered in ICANN's  "Clean Sheet" study of the At Large Membership.

ICANN Members Forum (Los Angeles, Nov.12)
This forum will bring together ICANN members and newly-elected Directors in a process of self-organization.  Members need to work together to define a more enduring organization that gives members a voice in ICANN.

Election Results: 3 of 5 New Directors are "Friends of Civil Society"
Official election results are available here.  Civil society supporters include Karl Auerbach (North America), Andy Mueller-Maguhn (Europe), and Nii Quaynor (Africa).  Additional new directors are Ivan Moura Campos (Latin America) and Masanobu Katoh (Asia-Pacific).  See analysis of elections in Wired magazine.

Cybercast Archives of ICANN Debates at Harvard University and MIT

Recent Press Coverage: Candidates Debate at Harvard

Evaluating the Candidates
See the candidates' responses to questionnaires by the Internet Democracy Project and the Center for Democracy and Technology.  Also, don't miss the list of Friends of Civil Society.

Cyber-Federalist No. 6: Organizing the ICANN Membership
What kinds of "intermediate institutions" are needed to connect ICANN's 76,000 members with their 5 elected directors?  We can begin with regional forums.

North American Candidates Debate (Oct. 2)
The Internet Democracy Project (CivSoc/CPSR, ACLU, and EPIC) and the Berkman Center at Harvard University are hosting an in-person debate among the candidates.

Candidates Comment on the Civil Society Statement
Candidates from multiple regions have commented on the Civil Society Statement as part of the ICANN Question + Answer Forum. Read the comments from Asia/Pacific, North America, Europe, Africa, Latin America.

Recent Press Coverage
CivSoc of CPSR is featured in recent articles in Communications Week International and Slashdot.

The Other Board Election: Jamie Love's Candidacy for the DNSO seat
Read about this election happening on the Supporting Organization side of ICANN.
The endorsement period for this election runs until Monday, Sept. 11.

Cyber-Federalist No. 5: The ICANN Member Nomination Process
An analysis of the likely outcome of the Member Nomination Process and its significance for the ICANN Board Elections.

SlashdotArticle on Candidates and Civil Society Issues
Member nominees discuss the issues in the Civil Society Statement.

Friends of Civil Society
See this list of ICANN candidates who have supported the 
Civil Society Statement .

Cool Link
Hat's off to the ICANNnot  web site for its Member Nominations status page!

Voting:  Endorse by September 8.  You can revise an endorsement
The ICANN "primaries" run from August 15 to Sept. 8.  If you registered and have a pin, you should meet the candidates.  In the Member Nomination Phase, you can log in to ICANN and revise your endorsement. (Just watch out for overloaded servers!)  See ICANN's FAQ)

Cyber-Federalist No. 4
This Analysis of ICANN's Nominees CPSR's analyzes the candidates and finds that ICANN's proposed user representatives often come from industry.

Meet the Candidates
Background information to the nominees named by ICANN's 
top-down Nominations Committee


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