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Culture, Class, and Cyberspace CPSR-GLOBAL


A World Communications Listserv

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Overview of CPSR-GLOBAL:

CPSR-GLOBAL is a moderated Listserv for uniting people all over the world who want to talk about:
  • regional decisions about the information infrastructure that will affect all of us-- we want the global information infrastructure to be a positive part of our cultures
  • issues of national identity
  • "cultural pollution"
  • the emerging Internet world culture
  • international issues of security and privacy and computer law
  • international issues of computer development (keyboards, safety)
  • digital libraries
  • issues of design and language
  • whatever other global issues you want to discuss.
Posts are marked by [@]

You Don't Have to Belong to CPSR to Join the Discussion!

Posting Guidelines:

  • CPSR-GLOBAL is a MODERATED list. That means any posts which are not "on topic" or inflammatory will be filtered out.
  • The list is in English, because it's the lingua franca of the Net.
  • Signatures will be four lines only, in consideration of users with poor connections.
  • You can tell cpsr-global messages because of the [@] in the subject line.
  • Long posts are shortened
  • KISS--Keep it short, sort of (-:

    • Remember: people on small, slow machines have a lot of trouble keeping up with the CPSR-GLOBAL traffic. These folks are often the ones in the less-developed part of the world, or who are stuck with slow modems and financial constraints. Long posts might bog them down and make them leave the group--something we definitely don't want. KISS, please...

Questions and commenents can be sent to the list owner and moderator, Marsha Woodbury, Ph.D. (, Former Chair of CPSR with a strong interest in international cooperation.

Updated Nov. 2002

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Created before October 2004

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International Chapters -

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> Spain

USA Chapters -

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