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Star Wars -Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD), National Missile Defense (NMD)

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Star Wars

a.k.a. SDI, BMD, NMD

(Strategic Defense Initiative, Ballistic Missile Defense, National Missile Defense)

BBC offers a teflon free view of the current Star Wars hysteria.

Yahoo Missile Defense Full Coverage
A report on the effectivness of missle defense programs relating to North Korea
Secretary of Defense's report on the status of the military and plans for the future
must download adobe acrobat reader, free
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization's page
Made by the Department of Defense
The Henry L. Stimson Center
A collection of papers on Missile Defense Issues
Arms Control Today article January/February 1998
Ideas of alternate plans
A letter written by Theodore A. Postol
A letter questioning the usage of the Missle Defense System
An article outlining the need for missile defense systems
Possible Russian responses to missile defense systems
Written by the CIA
A privately written page, good info

Star Wars, Down But Not Out.

1997 Newsletter article by board member Carl Page on the SDI

Carl Page's Star Wars Links

Star Wars page maintainted by John Pike of the FAS (Federation of American Scientists).

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