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References for Convergent Evaluation: A Case Study from the EIRS Project.

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  1. Purpose and History of EIRS:

  2. EIRS data:  (click Research/Maps)

  3. Reports of EIRS usage and findings in Nov’04 election:
    article id 5302
    article id 5321
    article id 5339

  4. Jeffries, R., Miller, J.R., Wharton, C., and Uyeda, K. “User Interface Evaluation in the Real World:  A Comparison of Four Techniques”, Proceedings of CHI’91, ACM, New York, pages 119-124.

  5. Cockton, G. & Woolrych, A. “Sale Must End:  Should Discount Methods be Cleared off HCI’s Shelves?”, Interactions, Sept./Oct. 2002, pages 13-1.

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