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CPSR@WSIS in Tunis, 16-18 November 2005

The second World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) takes place in Tunis, 16-18 2005.
The summit will be attended many heads of state and high-level government officials, as well as by thousands of people from the private sector and global civil society.  The summit is expected to agree on new intergovernmental texts covering such matters as follow-up and implementation on the Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action agreed at the prior WSIS in Geneva, December 2003; Internet governance; and development financing regarding information and communication technology (ICT).  The Summit will be preceded by a resumed session of the third Preparatory Committee meeting (PrepCom-3), November 13-15.  The session will seek to reach agreement on a number of key issues on which the original PrepCom-3 in September 2005 deadlocked, most notably Internet governance. Extensive information on the WSIS process is available on the official website,

During the week of November 14-18, many governments, business groups, and civil society organizations will hold Parallel Events to foster more open and informal dialogue on the issues at stake in the Summit.  A short list of some of these with descriptions is at, while a complete spreadsheet of events is at

CPSR is organizing or co-organizing three Parallel Events:

Monday Nov. 14, 13:00-15:00, Amilcar Room
"Cybercrime & Censorship in Middle East and North Africa"
Organizers: CPSR and Human Rights Watch
*CPSR's Robert Guerra will speak on the panel

Wednesday Nov. 16, 11:00-13:00, Hammamet Room
"Reforming the Internet Governance: Perspectives from the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)---Book Release"
Organizers: CPSR and the Secretariat of the UN Working Group on Internet Governance
*CPSR's Bill Drake and Avri Doria will speak on the panel

Wednesday Nov. 16, 11:00-13:00,  Room: Le Kram
"Role of Computer Science and Engineering Professions in Helping to Realize the WSIS Benchmarks"
Organizer: CPSR
*CPSR's William McIver, Jr. will speak and chair the panel.
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These three events are also included as part of the civil society's
alternative Citizen's Summit.


In addition, CPSR members are participating individually in other Parallel Events at the Summit, including:

Tuesday Nov. 15, 09:00-11:00, Matmata Room
"Human Rights in the Information Society"
Organizer: Danish Human Rights Institute
*CPSR's Bill Drake will chair the panel

Tuesday, Nov. 15, 14:00–15:30, Kairouan Room
The Internet Governance Debate during the WSIS Process (PAST)
Organizers: Diplo Foundation and Global Knowledge Partnership
*CPSR's Bill Drake and Robert Guerra will speak on the panel

Thursday, Nov. 17, 13:00-15:00, Saint Augustin Room
"ICT4Peace---Book Release"
Organizers: Government of Switzerland and the ICT4Peace Project
*CPSR's Bill Drake will speak on the panel

Thursday, Nov. 17, 17:00-19:00, Jendouba Room
"Startup Group on Global Alliance for ICTs and Development"
Organizer: United Nations Information and Communication Technologies Task Force
*CPSR's Bill Drake will participate in the discussion

Friday, Nov. 18, 13:00-17:00, Hannibal Hall
Civil Society Moving Forward: Where to Next?
Organizer: The CRIS Campaign
*CPSR's Bill Drake and William McIver, Jr. will participate in the discussion

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