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Full Program

The Eighth Participatory Design Conference
July 27 – 31 Toronto, Canada

Key Dates and Times:

The conference proper opens at 9AM Thursday July 29, and ends at 4PM on Saturday July 31.

Keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Tone Bratteteig (Department of Informatics, University of Oslo):
    Participatory design in present society
  • Professor Emeritus Jonathan Barker (Political Science, University of Toronto):
    Fearful Asymmetry: Terror, Power, and the Shape of Popular Action

First Artful Integration Award Session:

The first Artful Integrators Award will be presented to Randy Trigg and the Global Fund for Women. Accepting on behalf of the GFW will be Dr. Kavita Ramdas, who will speak on a new (participatory) model for philanthropy.

Full Program Schedule

Tuesday July 27

Pre-Conference Tutorials (9AM-5:00PM)

User Participation in Product Design
Jacob Buur, Thomas Binder

Introduction to Participatory Design
Sara Eriksén, Annelie Ekelin, Jeff Winter

Video Techniques for Participatory Design: Observation,
Brainstorming and Prototyping

Wendy E. Mackay

Pre-conference Doctoral Consortium (10AM-7PM)
Jeanette Blomberg, Finn Kensing


Wednesday July 28

Pre-Conference Workshops (9AM-5:00PM)

Hands-on experience with design games in collaborative design
Eva Brandt, Jörn Messeter, Jacob Buur

Establishing the Web of Shared Understanding Enabling Cooperative Knowledge Processing in Participatory Design
Gianni Jacucci, Theodor Barth, Arthur Baskin, Frank Lillehagen

Teaching Participatory Design
Finn Kensing, Keld Bødker, Jesper Simens

The Software Engineering Code of Ethics, Participatory Designers,
and the Public Good

Sarah Kuhn

Participatory Design of a Participatory Design Book
Douglas Schuler

Welcoming Reception (6-8PM)


Thursday July 29

Welcoming Plenary Keynote (9-10:30)

Participatory design in present society
Tone Bratteteig, Department of Informatics (Information Systems), University of Oslo

Research Papers, Session 1 (11-12:30)

Track 1: Participatory design in various community contexts
Moderator: Lucy Suchman

Participatory Design in Community Computing Contexts:
Tales from the Field

Cecelia B. Merkel, Lu Xiao, Umer Farooq, Craig H. Ganoe,
Roderick Lee, John M. Carroll, Mary Beth Rosson

The Promise and Perils of a Participatory Approach to Developing
an Open Source Community Learning Network

Robert Luke, Andrew Clement, Randall Terada,
Dominic Bortolussi, Cameron Booth, Derek Brooks, Darcy Christ

Track 2: Methodological considerations
Moderator: Jacob Buur

Experience Clip: Method for User Participation and Evaluation of Mobile Concepts
Minna Isomursu, Kari Kuutti, Soili Väinämö

On The Spot Experiments Within Healthcare
Erling Björgvinsson, Per-Anders Hillgren

Track 3: Cases and experiences
Moderator: Sarah Kuhn

The Workplace as a Learning Laboratory: The Winding Road to E-learning
in a Norwegian Service Company

Anders I. Mørch, Bård Ketil Engen, Hege-René Hansen Åsand

Social Creativity: Turning Barriers into Opportunities for Collaborative Design
Gerhard Fischer


Thursday July 29 (cont’d)

Short Papers (2-3:30)

Session 1: Community
Moderator: Sarah Kuhn

KomInDu - A Small Project about Big Issues
Annelie Ekelin, Pirjo Elovaara, Sara Eriksén, Christina Hansson,
Sölve Landén, Anita Larsson, Ida Olén, Jeff Winter

The Power of Community Events for Designing Participatory Community ICTs
Sarai Lastra

Participatory Design in a Low-Income, Immigrant Neighborhood:
A Practitioner’s Perspective

Tad Hirsch, Jeremy Liu

IMIM – a Concept and Prototype for Collective Documentation
of Community Events

Andrea Botero-Cabrera, Giedre Kligyte, Pekka Salonen

Session 2: Learning
Moderator: Peter Mambrey

Participatory Design of Knowledge Management in a Virtual Learning Environment
Paul Oord

Using Groupware for Mediated Feedback
Matthias Finck, Dorina C. Gumm, Bernd Pape

The shift from user, to learner, to participant: An inevitable development
or (just a) mere coincidence?

Karin Danielsson

Anthrobotics: Science-by-Doing in Higher Education
Mike Reddy, Neil Hughes, Naomi Turnbull

Session 3: Ideas/Theory
Moderator: Thomas Binder

Getting Creative with Participatory Design
Andrew Warr, Eamonn O’Neill

Notes on the boring basics stuff in PD proliferation
Sampsa Hyysalo, Janne Lehenkari

Ecological Design, Collaborative Care, and Ocean Informatics
Steven J. Jackson, Karen S. Baker

Designing for Human Values in an Urban Simulation System:
Value Sensitive Design and Participatory Design

Alan Borning, Batya Friedman, Peter H. Kahn, Jr.

Session 4: Healthcare
Moderator: Judith Gregory

Empowering Patients: PD in the Healthcare Field
Finn Kensing, Dixi Louise Strand, Jørgen Bansler, Erling Havn

Creating Images for Child Development Work in Pakistan
Atteqa Malik

Healthcare IT and Patient Empowerment: The Case of Diabetes Treatment
Peter Danholt, Keld Bødker, Morten Hertzum, Jesper Simonsen

Participation in the information system adaptation process
in the public sector in Mozambique

José Leopoldo Nhampossa, Jens Kaasbøll, Jorn Braa

Session 5: Context

Moderator: Liam Bannon

Video prototyping in Concept Design for MZig –
Situated and Collaborative Mobile Learning

Giedre Kligyte, Teemu Leinonen, Jurgen Scheible

Fire crews at work: Information Technology Challenges
Jonas Landgren

Designing to maintain human agency in context-aware systems
Brett Campbell, Margot Brereton

Designing Usable Ubiquitous Computing
Tim Cederman-Haysom, Margot Brereton


Research Papers, Session 2 (4-5:30)

Track 1: Participatory design in various community contexts
Moderator: Debra Cash

Artful infrastructuring in two cases of community PD
Helena Karasti, Anna-Liisa Syrjänen

Contextuality of Participation in IS Design: a Developing Country Perspective
S.K. Puri, Elaine Byrne, José Leopoldo Nhampossa, Zubeeda B. Quraishi

Track 2: Methodological considerations
Moderator: Jeanette Blomberg

The Impact of Participation in Information System Design:
A comparison of contextual Placements

Magnus Irestig, Henrik Eriksson, Toomas Timpka

Personas is not Applicable: Local Remedies Interpreted in a Wider Context
Kari Rönkkö, Mats Hellman, Britta Kilander, Yvonne Dittrich

Track 3: Cases and experiences
Moderator: Judith Gregory

Lost In Translation: A Critical Analysis of Actors, Artifacts, Agendas,
and Arenas in Participatory Design

Rogério DePaula

From Small Scale to Large Scale User Participation: A Case Study
of Participatory Design in E-government Systems

Anne-Marie Oostveen,Peter van den Besselaar


Friday July 30

Research Papers, Session 3 (9-11)

Track 1: Participatory design in various community contexts
Moderator: Patricia Sachs

Participatory Programming and the Scope of Mutual Responsibility:
Balancing scientific, design and software commitment

Catherine Letondal, Wendy E. Mackay

Participatory health information systems development in Cuba
– the challenge of addressing multiple levels in a centralized setting

Jørn Braa, Ola Hodne Titlestad, Johan Sæbø

Track 2: Methodological considerations – Panel Discussion

Participatory Design: Technological Tool or Liberatory Movement?
Convener: Douglas Schuler

Panel: Peter van den Besselaar, Virginia Eubanks, Gerhard Fischer,
Leah Lievrouw, Randy Trigg

Track 3: Cases and experiences
Moderator: Ina Wagner

The Weight of Space: Participatory Design Research for Configuring
Habitable Space for New Arrival Women in Hong Kong

Jackie Yan-Chi Kwok

Ways of grounding imagination
Monika Büscher, Mette Agger Eriksen, Jannie Friis Kristensen,
Preben Holst Mogensen

Introducing Participatory Design in Museums
Gustav Taxén


Plenary: Artful Integrators’ Award Presentation (11:30-12:30)

The Artful Integrators’ Award
Introduction: Lucy Suchman, Centre for Science Studies, Lancaster University
Acceptance on behalf of the Global Fund For Women: Randy Trigg, Kavita Ramdas

Friday July 30 (cont’d)

Parallel Workshops, Roundtable, Short Papers

Conference Workshops (2-5:30)

Phased Participatory, Work-Centered Design for Innovation
Patricia Sachs, Jim Euchner, Austin Henderson, Frederick Ryan,
Deborra Zukowski, Jill Lawrence

Paper Prototyping - a Collaborative Design Methodology
Sarah English, Shannah Segal, Terry Costantino

Exploring Values in Use—Eliciting and Understanding
Participant Values in Design

Peter H. Jones

Fieldtrip to St Christopher House:
A Community Learning Network Development Project

Randall Terada

Art Installations and Roundtable (2-5:30)

Preface: Art Installations, Environments, Projects, Designs, Demonstrations
Yvonne Dittrich, Leah A. Lievrouw

From Me to Us, a computer generated music installation
Koray Tahiroglu

tinsel-o-matic: an Artifact of Understanding
Robert Ek

Embodied Sound
David Cuartielles

Short Papers

Session 6: Tools & Techniques 1 (2-3:30)
Moderator: Finn Kensing

Support for participation in electronic paper prototyping
Andy Dearden, Amir Naghsh & Mehmet Ozcan

Participative Design With Top Management:
Anchoring Visions by the Problem Mapping Technique

Jesper Simonsen

Design-by-doing: Workshops for Designing Interaction
Margot Jacobs, Ramia Mazé

A Tool for Participatory Negotiation:
LINKing-UP Participatory Design and Design Knowledge Reuse

Ali Ndiwalana, Nithiwat Kampanya, Ian McEwan, C. M. Chewar,
D. Scott McCrickard, Kevin Pious

Session 7: Tools & Techniques 2 (3:30-5)
Moderator: Debra Cash

Document/Reflect/Create Cultural Probes
in Teaching and Learning environments

Daria Loi

Third Generation Participatory Design – making participation
applicable to large-scale information system projects

Sofie Pilemalm, Toomas Timpka

Engage through integrated polling – bridging the gap
between e-forums and e-surveys1

Stefan René Salz

Task Sequence in User Interface Design and Evaluation Sessions
Anita Komlodi, Liwei Dai, Dagobert Soergel


Saturday July 31

Research Papers, Session 4 (9-10:30)

Track 1: Participatory design in various community contexts
Moderator: Peter van den Besselaar

Making Sense of Imbrication: Popular Technology and “Inside-Out” Methodologies
Nancy Campbell, Virginia Eubanks

Examining a planning discourse: how a manager represents issues
within a planning frame and how the others could do the same

Jarmo Sarkkinen

Track 2: Methodological considerations
Moderator: Peter Mambrey

Facilitating Collaboration through Design Games
Eva Brand, Jörn Messeter

Socio-Technical Walkthrough: Designing Technology along Work Processes
Thomas Herrmann, Gabriele Kunau, Kai-Uwe Loser, Natalja Menold

Track 3: Cases and experiences
Moderator: Joan Greenbaum

Participatory Design with Individuals who have Amnesia
Mike Wu, Brian Richards, Ron Baecker

Technology Trouble? Talk to Us: Findings from an Ethnographic Field Study
Ellen Balka, Nicki Kahnamoui


Short Papers (11-12:30)

Session 8: Consulting/Organizations
Moderator: Jeanette Blomberg

Issues for cooperative design: A procurement perspective
Stefan Holmlid

Between Cooperative Creativity and Conflicts on Appreciation:
Customer-developer-links in small software companies

Andrea Sieber

Toward a Participatory Design Approach to Service Design
Daniela Sangiorgi, Brendon Clark

Interactive Use Case
Diego Calzà, Vincenzo D’Andrea, Arthur B. Baskin, Gianni Jacucci

Session 9: Work Practice
Moderator: Julian Orr

Use a Shoehorn or Design a Better Shoe:
Co-Design of a University Repository
David Lindahl, Nancy Foster

The I-Book: A freely interpretive notebook for biologists
Pascal Costa-Cunha

Meaning in Movement: A Gestural Design Game
Jared Donovan, Margot Brereton

The Development of an Information and Knowledge Portal
at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP – A Practitioners Story and Case Study

Joel Alleyne, Marie-Claire Garneau, John O’Brien

Session 10: Place
Moderator: Joan Greenbaum

Architecture without Architects
Lorella Di Cintio

Animating personalised networking in a student apartment complex
through participatory design

Marcus Foth

Empowerment Games: Empathic Design Probes
for User Participation in Community Housing

Yan Ki Lee, Timothy Jachna, John Frazerr

The Connected Home: probing the effects and affects of domesticated ICTs
Michael Arnold

Session 11: Tools & Techniques 3
Moderator: Bettina Torpel

Involving Families in a Design Process
Evelyne Millien, Camille Roux, Caroline Golanski

“Live like I do” – a field experience using Cultural Probes
Daria Loi, Melissa Voderberg,Pablo Manrique, Siddhart Marwah, Ben Liney

FARMSCAPE Online: participatory design of Internet meetings with farmers
Dean Hargreaves, Stefanie Kethers, Margot Brereton, Bob McCown,
Zvi Hochman, Peter Carbery, Mark Antoniades

Closing Plenary Keynote (2-3:30)

Fearful Asymmetry: Terror, Power, and the Shape of Popular Action
Jonathan Barker, Emeritus, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto

Thanks and Farewells (3:30-4)


Other Sessions:

  • Tutorials, Doctoral consortium (Tuesday, July 27)
  • Workshops (Wednesday, July 28)
  • Short paper session (research work in progress field experiences, reflective practitioners, tools and techniques)
  • Art Installations, Environments, Projects, Designs, Demonstrations

Registration Details:

Online registration is available now.

Early registration (before June 15)

  • Student: US$ 85
  • CPSR member US$ 200
  • Other: US$ 300

Regular (ends July 20)

  • Student: US$ 100
  • CPSR member US$ 250
  • Other: US$ 350

On site

  • Student: US$ 115
  • CPSR member US$ 275
  • Other: US$ 375

Fees for the tutorials are US$100 each.
Fees for the pre-conference workshops are US$25 each.

Further information about the registration:

Information about accommodation:

Also of Interest

The ACM SIGCHI conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS2004) takes place August 1-4, immediately following PDC2004 in Cambridge, MA, 1 1/2 hrs by air from Toronto. More information is available at: <>

Conference Committees

Conference Co-Chairs:

  • Andrew Clement, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Peter van den Besselaar, NIWI, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts
    and Sciences, Netherlands

Program Co-chairs:

  • Fiorella de Cindio, University of Milano, Italy
  • Doug Schuler, The Evergreen State College, USA

Program Committee:

Liam Bannon (Ireland), Thomas Binder (Sweden), Jeanette Blomberg (US), Tone Bratteteig (Norway), Jacob Buur (Denmark), Debra Cash (US), Todd Cherkasky (US), Andrew Clement (Canada), Peter Day (UK), Fiorella De Cindio (Italy), Yvonne Dittrich (Sweden), Frank Emspak (US), Gerhard Fischer (US), Joan Greenbaum (US), Davydd Greenwood (US), Judith Gregory (Norway), Robert Guerra (Canada), Michael Gurstein (Canada), Bo Helgeson (Sweden), Vidar Hepso (Norway), Finn Kensing (Denmark), Sarah Kuhn (US), Leah Lievrow (US), Peter Mambrey (Germany), Preben Holst Mogensen (Denmark), Gale Moore (Canada), Michael Muller (US) Julian Orr (US), Norberto Patrignani (Italy), Volkmar Pipek (Germany), Rob Procter (UK), Toni Robertson (Australia), Patricia Sachs (US), Partha Sarker (Bangladesh), Doug Schuler (US), Steve Scrivener (UK), Lucy Suchman (UK), Randy Trigg (US), Peter van den Besselaar (Netherlands), Ina Wagner (Austria), and Volker Wulf (Germany).


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