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California Electronic Government Information

California Electronic Government Information

Hypertext links & resource descriptions for over 240 California state, regional & municipal databases available over the Internet or through dial-up bulletin board systems. Entries grouped by source & listed by title. Links to other compilations & search engines. Entire file available for downloading.

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Chris Mays is a proud recipient of the James Madison Freedom of Information Award.

            Title: California Electronic Government Information
 Archived as text: /cpsr/states/california/cegi.txt (CPSR Internet Library)
          Version: 19970301 
          Edition: 17th
 Udpate Frequency: Quarterly
     Last Updated: March 1, 1997
    First Edition: April 1, 1994
First Web Edition: July 1, 1994

The date of last revision is March 1, 1997. Copyright 1997 Chris Mays. This document may be freely distributed in its entirety provided that this copyright notice is not removed. It may not be sold for profit or incorporated in commercial documents without the written permission of the copyright holder.

Table of Contents

  • 0.0 Introduction
  • 1.0 New in this Edition
  • 2.0 California Electronic Government Information
  • 2.1 State
  • 2.2 California Information From Other Sources
  • 2.3 California Politicians & Candidates
  • 2.4 Other State Governments
  • 2.5 County & Regional
  • 2.6 Municipal
  • 2.7 Proposed, But Not Yet Implemented
  • 3.0 WWW Research Tools
  • 3.1 CII Pathfinder
  • 4.0 CEGI Wish List
  • 0.0 Introduction

    Dear netizens,

    I am gathering information on California government sources of electronic information that are currently available to the public, either by means of the Internet (WWW, ftp, gopher, email, etc.), or by direct dial to a bulletin board system. The most recent compilation follows. Sources of electronic information such as these continually change and evolve. Please send corrections, additions and comments to: Chris Mays <> I will periodically update the list.

    I assume all responsibility for errors and omissions. Please distribute this list freely, with proper credit. The ascii version of this file can be found at by anonymous ftp at /cpsr/states/california/cegi.txt (Login: anonymous, Password: (send Internet address)), or via listserv (send email to < listserv @ > with the message: get cpsr/states/california/(space) cegi.txt) and gopher: Port=70 Path=0/cpsr/states/california/cegi.txt. Those of you with access to the World Wide Web can access the list at URL: If you do not have access to these technologies, or have problems with them, email Chris Mays <>, and I will forward you a copy of the list.

    This list was compiled for the California Electronic Government Information (CEGI) Project, with the support of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, the California Library Association Government Publications Round Table, and help from subscribers to the calgovinfo list. To subscribe to calgovinfo, send email to: < listserv @ >, Subject: none, message: subscribe calgovinfo (your name)

    The point of collecting this information:

    • To make the availability of these resources more widely known.
    • To encourage citizens to think about what information they want to see online, and how they want to retrieve it.
    • To applaud those state and local agencies and organizations who are providing electronic information services, and prod the rest.

    For more information on all aspects of the CEGI Project, please refer to the CEGI Background and Rationale page.

    Please join the effort to uncover these resources. I will check the resources I hear about. Please make it easy for everyone by mentioning, if possible:

    • The name of the agency/organization, and where it fits into the structure of government. For example, if you have a WWW address for the Department of Information Technology, remind me that DoIT is a cabinet-level department. It would be helpful to know the formal, informal and acronymic names.

    • The name of the friendly, knowledgeable manager in charge of the resource, and how to contact her. Beyond contact names, I would like to know if the agency permits the public to offer feedback on their services.

    • The path to the resource, including what it is (WWW, ftp, gopher?), login, password, commands that must be issued, directories of interest, phone number, speed and settings for BBS's, etc.

    • The nature of the information, perhaps in abstract form, so that I can write a sentence or two describing it, or borrow yours.

    • Dates of coverage. Note if the information source is an archive of past postings, documents or records, or just carries the latest.

    That being said, I guess I'd like to hear rumors of gold in the hills, too, so send them along, and I'll check them out.


    Chris Mays
    Master of Library and Information Science student
    San Jose State University

    FYI: These pages are Built with BBEdit. I used Big Brother to check the links, Graphic Converter [logo]to create the maps and buttons, and WhatRoute [logo] to check domain names & IP numbers.
    Other applications would work.
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