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CPSR Working Groups

Working Groups
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

CPSR Working Groups

See the CPSR Group Guidelines for information.

Building Member Activism

Computer technology is embedded in the very fabric of everyday life. And, with each new day, new concerns -- and opportunities -- come to the fore.

CPSR has always depended on members for much of its program activities. Now, perhaps more than ever, CPSR members at the grassroots need to be empowered to identify issues, conduct research, perform analyses, and, in general, help shape the future of computing. To address these needs CPSR has Working Groups. Working Groups are cooperative - and often small - teams focusing on single issues or themes and empowered with CPSR's name. We believe that WGs provide members with the organizational framework to turn ideas and concerns into meaningful and effective activism.

Currently these are the forming and formalized CPSR Working Groups:

The Year 2000 Working Group, submitted final report.

We would like more groups! The possibilities are nearly endless for other groups.

If there is an issue that you're interested in, the chances are good that other members are too. We'd love to hear from you. CPSR needs your ideas and your energy -- and so does the rest of the world!


To form a Working Group, first read CPSR Group Guidelines . Five or more CPSR members must submit a signed Petition to be approved by the CPSR Board

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