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dotU.S. Election Assistance Commission Testimony - and Statement - May 5, 2004

dot The Compiler - April 2004 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dot CPSR's New Spanish Language Membership Form

dot The Compiler - March 2004 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotBoard of Directors Election - 2004 Call for Nominations and Candidates - Ballots must be postmarked by June 7, 2004 .

dot The Compiler - February 2004 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotCPSR's Role in the World Summit on the Information Society

dotThe Compiler -January 2004 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members


dotAnnual Appeal and 2003 Year in Review and Annual Report for 2002-2003 in PDF

dotThe Compiler -November 2003 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dot"Getting the Technology You Deserve: Community Participation in Regional Cable Franchise Policy - CPSR's Annual Conference, Seattle, WA - October 25, 2003

dotThe Compiler -October 2003 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotThe Compiler -September 2003 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotThe Compiler -August 2003 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotCPSR Comments on the California Touch Screen Task Force Report - August 1, 2003

dotThe Compiler -July 2003 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dot CPSR supports California legislation about unsolicited email communications SB 12

dotThe Compiler -June 2003 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotCPSR supported EPIC's testimony in the House Financial Services Committee regarding the Fair Credit Reporting Act, regarding HR2622 (Bachus), which gives the industry preemption and does not do much for the consumer.

dotThe Compiler -May 2003 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dot CPSR Pittsburgh Chapter endorsed a petition calling for the Pittsburgh City Council to oppose Patriot Two.

dotCPSR signed onto the EPIC Complaint and Request for Injunction, Investigation and for Other Relief in the Matter of Inc. before the Federal Trade Commission - April 22

dotThe Compiler -April 2003 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotWar and Information Technology essay

dotCPSR Chair Hans Klein launched policy projects at the Georgia Tech School of Public Policy, co-sponsored by CPSR - "Opportunities in WSIS"; "The Atlanta Grassroots Peace Movement"; State-level DMCA (S-DMCA); Speaker Series on Internet and Civil Liberties

dotDoug Schuler's New Community Networks: Wired for Change translated into Spanish

dotCPSR signed a letter and petition from EPIC to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget requiring accuracy for the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) record system

dotCPSR Weapons & Peace Working Group
War and Information Technology essay
Sites circulated during CPSR discussions
U.S. versus Iraq War links

dotCPSR Calls on Internet Community to Protest Malicious Hacking of Arab and Foreign News Web Sites

dotHow Can Spectrum Reform Best Promote Wireless Internet Deployment?
Expand Unlicensed Spectrum, But Retain Public Interest Review and Dedicated Uses-
April 4th submission to the Internet Caucus Advisory Committee to educate Congressional staff

dotThe Compiler -March 2003 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotCPSR Adds Endorsement to Statement by Technologists that Voting Machines Must Provide a Voter-Verifiable Audit Trail

dotThe Compiler -February 2003 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dot "Big Brother is Already Here" - CPSR's President signed full page ad in the January 17, 2003 New York Times

dotThe Compiler -January 2003 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members


dot2002 Year in Review and Annual Appeal

dotThe Compiler -December 2002 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotThe Compiler - November 2002 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotThe Compiler - October 2002 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotCPSR-Peru Chapter Founded

dotThe User Voice in Internet Governance- - Cyber-Federalist No. 15, October 25, 2002

dotThe Compiler - September 2002 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotThe Compiler - August 2002 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotThe Compiler - July 2002 - CPSR's monthly e-Newsletter for Members

dotThe 2002 Norbert Wiener Award to Karl Auerbach for pioneering Internet Democracy

dotCreating the Illusion of Legitimacy - Cyber-Federalist No. 14, August 8, 2002

dot2001-2002 Annual Report in PDF and 2001-2002 IRS Form 990 in PDF

dot CPSR Amicus Brief (pdf) in California Supreme Court Case DVD-CCA v. Bunner, about reposting DeCSS code.

dotPING! - CPSR's Newsletter for Members, June 2002

dotStaying the Course on Internet Privatization - Cyber-Federalist No. 13, May 31, 2002

dotComments for Congressional Hearings on ICANN

dot CPSR and NetAction submit a letter opposing CBDTPA to several key Senators and Representatives.

dot CPSR joins Netaction in several filings on Microsoft case:

dotCPSR co-sponsors US Congressman Bob Barr talk on "Civil Liberties in Cyberspace" Georgia Tech, February 15, 2002

dotUser Interest in ICANN is Broad and Deep - Cyber-Federalist No. 12, February 14, 2002

dot National ID -- Cal. State Judiciary Hearings: Summary and Analysis | FAQ | Links

dot CPSR Announces Privaterra - Securing Human Rights


dotPING! - CPSR's Newsletter for Members, December 2001

dotComputer Experts Question National Identification Schemes

dot CPSR co-signs letter to EU Council of Ministers urging retention of internet privacy rules in light of Bush request. Version française.

dotComments on UCITA for Florida Legislature

dotCPSR Charter on Terrorism, September 24, 2001

dotComments on Legislative Proposals to Protect National Security and their impact on the Communications Infrastructure, October 2, 2001

dotStatement on Terrorist Attacks, September 19, 2001

dotThe Future of Democracy in ICANN: A Critique of the At Large Study Committee Draft Report - Cyber-Federalist No. 11, September 15, 2001

dotPING! - CPSR's Newsletter for Members, August 2001

dotLetter to Majority Leader Armey on Privacy, July 3, 2001

dotPING! - CPSR's Newsletter for Members, May 2001

dotCPSR Joins Consumer and Privacy Groups in Outlining Federal Trade Commission Priorities, July 17 2001

dotFormer CPSR Board Member Named Sexiest Geek Alive, June 20 2001

dotThe 2001 Norbert Weiner Award to Theodore Postol and Nira Schwarz, April 2001

dotThe Origins of ICANN's At Large Membership - Cyber-Federalist No. 10, March 27, 2001

dotCPSR Opposes Blocking by ISPs, March, 2001

dot CPSR Signs onto Pledge by the Privacy Coalition

dotCPSR Signs Scientists and Engineers Pledge to Renounce Weapons of Mass DestructionFebruary 2001

dotCPSR Signs Student Pugwash Pledge

dotThe New Politics of ICANN: Board Diplomacy - Cyber-Federalist No. 9, January 30, 2001


dotICANN's At Large Study - Cyber-Federalist No. 8, December 27, 2000

dotPING! - CPSR's Newsletter for Members, December 2000

dotICANN At Large Members Launch Coordinating Committee - Cyber-Federalist No. 7, November 16, 2000

dotCPSR Africa chapter formed, October, 2000

dotOrganizing the ICANN Membership: Regional Forums - Cyber-Federalist No. 6, September 21, 2000

dotCPSR signs onto GILC letter objecting to the proposed Convention on Cyber-Crime, October 18, 2000

dotCPSR Withdraws from Amazon Associates Program, Septemer 20, 2000

dot The ICANN Membership Nomination Process - Cyber-Federalist No. 5, September 6, 2000

dotCPSR signs letter to Senate Commerce Committee regarding the Network Advertising Initiative.

dotAn Analysis of the ICANN-Named Board Nominees - Cyber-Federalist No. 4, August 8, 2000

dotPING! -- CPSR's Newsletter for Members, July 2000

dotWhy ICANN's Elections Matter - Cyber-Federalist No. 3, July 28, 2000

dotCPSR, ACLU and EPIC form Internet Democracy Project. July 7, 2000 Press Release.

dotCPSR Comments on Section 104 of Digital Millenium Copyright Act (First Sale)

dotReflections on the ICANN Meeting in Yokohama - Cyber-Federalist No. 2, July 17, 2000

dotCyber-Federalist No. 1, July 5, 2000

dot CPSR members in Japan plan activities on Internet governance at INET 2000 in July.

dot CPSR signs letter urging representatives to vote against S. 486, the "Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act of 1999." The act would censor speech online and offline regarding controlled substances.

dot Letter to the Department of Commerce regarding "Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act", April, 2000

dot CPSR Comment Concerning Technological Measures on Copyrighted Works, March, 2000

o CPSR Michigan Takes Part in Battle Over Internet Filters in Libraries, February, 2000

o UCITA: Letter to N. Virginia Legislators, February, 2000


o Comments of CPSR, EFA, and FrEE to the World Intellectual Property Organization on Internet Domain Names.

oCPSR Supports Junger Amicus Brief on Encryption Case filed by EPIC.

oCPSR's President and Chair Leave After Many Years on the Board
Elections will be held soon.


o Letter to Attorney General Janet Reno regarding the Child Online Protection Act, November 4, 1998, signed by CPSR as a coalition member of the Internet Freedom of Expression Alliance.

o Advance Program Announcement, PDC-98, sent to members October 23, 1998, by Susan Evoy. The 1998 Participatory Design Conference was held November 12-14, 1998, Seattle WA. Sponsored by CPSR in cooperation with ACM--The Association for Computing.

o Letter to the editor, October 14, 1998 written by Andy Oram in response to an Associated Press article appearing in USA Today and elsewhere, covering the CPSR One Planet One Net conference at MIT, October 11-12, 1998, with the misleading headline: Group opposes Net privatization.

o CPSR's Filing on the Private Sector Proposal for New Domain Name Corporation , October 13, 1998.

o Law of Cyberspace, Constitutional Law, keynote speech by Lawrence Lessig, Professor, Harvard Law School, at the CPSR One Planet, One Net Symposium at MIT, October 10, 1998. (See also Lessig's home page.)

o Letter to OECD Ministers at Ottawa Conference on Electronic Commerce, October 1998, signed by CPSR as a coalition member of the Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GILC). Letter in French.

o Domain Name Resolutions:  CPSR Proposals for the new Corporation, June 30, 1998

o The Y2K Working Group's correspondence with the New York Times, June 13, 1998

o Internet Engineering Task Force Wins Norbert Wiener Award April 27, 1998

o CPSR's comments to the NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) in response to the Department of Commerce's Green Paper on DNS (Domain Name System) administration, March 23, 1998

o Letter to Senate Subcommittee on S.1619 (Internet School Filtering Act) March 26, 1998

o Letter to Senator John McCain on S. 1619 (Internet School Filtering Act) February 10, 1998

o Letter to U.S. Representatives asking co-sponsorship of HR 3048, or "The Digital Era Copyright Enhancement Act" February 10, 1998

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o Computer Professionals Question Impact of Internet Filters December 1, 1997

oOne Planet, One Net -- Internet Governance December 1, 1997

o ALERT: YEAR 2000 problems could affect YOUR Building November 19, 1997

o Prevent Attacks Against Freedom of Expression on the Internet (France) October 1, 1997

o CPSR Joins Call To Postpone Cassini Launch: Risks of Nuclear Accident Too Great September 20, 1997

o CPSR Urges Internet Community Support of Ashcroft Legislation September 19, 1997

o CPSR Gives Norbert Wiener Award to Peter Neumann September 16,1997

o Computer Experts Warn About Restrictive Encryption Legislation September 16, 1997

o Computer Professionals Urge "Open, Consensus-Based" Approach for Internet Naming System August 18, 1997

o Comments of Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility before the United States Department of Commerce on the Domain Name System August 18, 1997

o CPSR Position on U.S. Proposal on Database Intellectual Property August 1, 1997

o TIIAP Letter Endorsed by CPSR July 23, 1997

o Computer Professionals Question Internet Filtering Agreement July 18, 1997

o The McCain-Kerrey "Secure Public Networks Act": Brute force attack on encryption, by Andy Oram. (CPSR Cyber-rights Working Group position paper, 30 June 1997)

o Federal Government Can Learn From Social Security Administration Setback In On-Line Services June 9, 1997

o Civil Rights Organisations Support Strong Encryption Policy in Germany May 9, 1997

o Privacy Policy Statement by CPSR/Boston May 8, 1997


o Key Recovery Letter April 22, 1997

o British and Foreign Civil Rights Organisations Oppose Encryption Paper April 9, 1997

o The Clinton Administration Builds its Campaign Against Privacy: An Analysis of the Key Recovery Draft Legislation on 12 March 1997, by Andy Oram.

o New Executive Director for CPSR March, 1997

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