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Internet Democracy

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Internet Democracty Project and ICANN related issues.
Internet Democracy Civil Society Forum at Yokohama, 13 July 2000
Yokohama Forum on Civil Society and ICANN Elections (In Japanese)
Internet Democracy Pre-release for Yokohama Forum
Press release for Yokohama Forum (in Japanese) by CPSR/Japan prepatarory committiee.
Internet Democracy ICT Global Governance Workshop 2003
WSIS workshop information in Japanese.
Internet Democracy CPSR Life member joins ICANN board
CPSR Press Release on Joichi Ito's activity (December 23, 2004,).
Internet Democracy EPIC Alert Vol.11 No.24
EPIC report on Joichi Ito in Privacy and Public Voice Conference in Africa (December 23, 2004).
Internet Democracy Joi Ito's Web
Weblog by Joi Ito (ICANN Category)
Internet Democracy Internet Governance (2004) by Izumi Aizu
Japanese book written by Izumi Aizu, Principal of Asia Network Research ( ) in 2004.

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