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Information on how to use the content management system and features of the CPSR site, including tutorials and howto's.
Using this Site Members: Getting Started
This document describes how members can get started using the site, including changing your password, preferences, and making your home page.
Using this Site Members: Contributing content to the site (overview)
Any member of CPSR given a user account through the Plone user/group management interface will gain permissions to participate in the CPSR Web site. This document describes those permissions and the member use of the site.
Using this Site Adding content: Getting started
An introduction to how to add documents, folders, images and other types of content to the site. It also explains how to share your content with others.
Using this Site Notes On The Site Organization And Structure
The initial discussions with the CPSR Web site team generated a new site information architecture, which has since been evolving as the organization requests and implements changes. The basic organization consists of the following ('*' Denotes a root level folder with a main (horizontal) navigation tab)
Using this Site Formatting Content: Using the Epoz Editor
This document reviews how to properly use the epoz editor (a visual/wysiwyg editor) to format pages and edit content.
Using this Site Adding Content: How do I make news show up?
News items in the CPSR site will be automatically displayed in the News folder (Recent News) and on the Home page. This howto describes how you can make your news show up in those places.
Using this Site General Information about the Site
This document is intended to provide the reader with information about the setup and workings of the CPSR Web site ( and the Plone CMS that it is implemented with. References to more detailed information on using and administering the system are provided, and notes about specific customizations for this project are made wherever necessary.
Using this Site Members: Using the Forums
This document describes how to use the forums available on this site.
Using this Site Using the wiki
The wiki is a collaborative feature CPSR board members are now using to conduct business.
Using this Site Content: Keywords
This document describes how to manage keywords for content. These are the keywords used for meta data and include the keywords in the dropdown menu as well as the properties interface of the content.
Using this Site Complete Guide to the Content Management System (Plone)
"The Definitive Guide to Plone" is an online version of the book by the same name that provides easy-to-access and extensive documentation of the system.
Using this Site More How Tos from
A variety of Howto's are provided by the Plone community that involve usage, administration, and customization of a site using the Plone CMS.
Using this Site Guidelines for site administrators
These are guidelines for people who have been given administation privileges to certain sections of the site. If you're interested in working on a specific issue, please contact us.

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