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Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

CPSR Conferences & Events

CPSR Activists Meetings

  • Activists Roundtable. Palo Alto, CA, June 23, 2001. Report in PDF
  • Activists Roundtable. Bentley College, Waltham, MA, March 4, 2001 Report in PDF

CPSR's Annual Meetings

CPSR Chapter Organized Events

CFP - Computers, Freedom, and Privacy

The First Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy (CFP) was held March 26-28, 1991 in Burlingame, California. Jim Warren was the principal organizer and chair of the first conference, which was sponsored by CPSR. Although CPSR has been a cosponsor of the subsequeunt CFP conferences, primary sponsorship comes from the ACM.
See Also Privacy and Civil Liberties

DIAC - Directions and Implications in Advanced Computing

See Also Public Sphere Project
  • DIAC 2003 "Pattern Language(s) for Shaping the Network Society" - Milano, Italy, July 15, 2003
  • DIAC 2002 "Shaping the Network Society -- Patterns for Participation, Action, and Change" - Seattle, WA, May 16-19
  • DIAC 2000 "Shaping the Network Society -- The Future of the Public Sphere in Cyberspace" Conference Proceedings
  • DIAC '97 "Community Space and Cyberspace: What's the Connection?" - Seattle, WA
  • DIAC '94 "Developing an Equitable and Open Information Infrastructure" - Cambridge, MA, April 23-24
  • DIAC '92 Report, by Fen Labalme - Berkeley, CA, May 2-3

PDC - Participatory Design Conference

CPSR's Participatory Design Conference is an international forum where this emerging community can meet, exchange ideas and experiences, and investigate the incorporation of participatory design approaches in new areas such as: product development, long-term system maintenance and redesign, and settings in the developing world.

The first Participatory Design conference explored the historical roots of this way of working, by bringing European practitioners together with American researchers and industry developers. By the second conference, PDC'92, participatory approaches to design had taken root in the US, not only in research environments, but also at several commercial firms. The goal at that time was totake a further step towards defining and nurturing participatory design. PDC'94 focused on ways of working and fostering a substantial dialog among practitioners.

Other Events

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