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PDC'2000 schedule

The following conference schedule attempts to mix and match a variety of activities in an interactive way. Primarily we are talking to an academic audience, but there are specific slots where we will try to reach a broader computer and arts community in New York. We plan to involve facilitators and discussants actively in each session so that audience participation is a real part of the conference.

Tuesday 28 Nov. 2000

9-10 Registration, Concourse level, CUNY Graduate Center


Tutorial (separate registration required): Introduction to Participatory Design (Sarah Kuhn, Michael Muller)
4-8 Registration, Concourse level, CUNY Graduate Center


Reception, Auditorium lobby
7-8:30 Opening, Auditorium
Introduction: Todd Cherkasky, Joan Greenbaum, Peter Mambrey
Mick Rossi Trio performing with Gustavo Moretto as discussant and facilitator, "Jazz, improv and participation"

Wednesday 29 Nov. 2000

8:00-5 Registration, Concourse level, CUNY Graduate Center
9:30-11 Plenary 1: on participation
Conference welcome: Todd Cherkasky
Chair: Lucy Suchman
Jean Lave (University of California, Berkeley), "Participation, Social Practice and Social Change"
Paper Sessions 1
Chair: Ellen Balka Chair: Jeanette Blomberg Chair: Keld Bødker Chair: Peter Mambrey
Ian Beeson and Clodagh Miskelly: Dialogue and Dissent in Stories of Community Benjamin Cimerman: Participatory Design in Architecture: can computers help? Hans Doorewaard and Trond Knudsen: Translation Theory and the Integrated Approach in IT Management Eva Brandt and Camilla Grunnet: Evoking the future: Drama and props in user centered design
William L. Mitchell, Daphne Economou, and Dave Randall: "God is an Alien": Understanding Informant Responses through User Participation and Observation Rusen Yamacli: An Approach To Digital Technology Integration In Architectural Curriculum And Studio Finn Kensing: Participatory Design in a Commercial Context - a conceptual framework Jacob Buur, Thomas Binder, and Eva Brandt: Taking Video beyond "Hard Data" in User Centered Design


Workshops (require advanced registration)
W01 Participatory Design of Internet Environments and Web-Enabled Products and Services
W02 Mixing Disciplines in Teaching Participatory Design Practices
W03 User Friendly: Dialectic development of technology-enhanced learning environments
W04 Community Informatics: Participatory tools for social inclusion and active citizenship
W05 Participatory Design with Children: Techniques, Challenges, and Success
W06 Experiments in Building Participatory Learning Communities on the Internet: Language Learning and Teaching, Collaborative Dictionaries, and Municipal Services
W07 Enabling Communities: Communication and Cooperation in and on Knowledge Landscapes
W08 Generative Tools for Accessing Experience
W09 Designing Digital Environments: Bringing in More "Choices"
W10 Seeing Shadows of the Sun: Critical Approaches to Participatory Design Projects
6-7:30 Reception hosted by Sapient Corporation
Interactive posters, demonstrations, and artifact exhibit, wine, cheese & good cheer

Thursday 30 Nov. 2000

8:00-4 Registration, Concourse level, CUNY Graduate Center
9:30-11 Plenary 2: on design
Chairs: Todd Cherkasky and Joan Greenbaum
David B. Palumbo & Paula Wellings (Sapient Corporation): "The Business of Learning in the Age of Experience"
Paper Session 2
Chair: Lars Svennson Chair: Debra Cash Chair: Michael Muller Chair: Andrew Clement
George Chin, Karen Schuchardt, James Myers, and Debbie Gracio: Participatory Workflow Analysis: Unveiling Scientific Research Processes with Physical Scientists Henrik Fagrell and Frederik Ljungberg: Empirically informed knowledge management in mobile domains Sophie Pilemalm et al.: From Utopia to DLK - Management of External Voices in Large Participatory Design Projects Joan Greenbaum and Dagny Stuedahl: Deadlines and Work Practices in New Media Development: Its about time
Bernhard Nett, Paul Fuchs-Frohnhofen, and Volker Wulf: Obstacles to tele-cooperation in engineering networks of the building industry Thomas Herrmann, Kai-Uwe Loser, and Klaus Moysich: Intertwining Training and Participatory Design for the Development of Groupware Applications Bettina Törpel: Self-employed Labor meets Codetermination - Participatory Design in Network Organizations Mary Lou Maher, Simeon J. Simoff, and Gerard C. Gabriel: Participatory Design and Communication in Virtual Environments


Works in progress / lab and country reports 1
Chair: Volkmar Pipek Chair: Bettina Törpel Chair: Peter Day Chair: Sarah Kuhn Chair: Hans Doorewaard
Sampsa Hyysalo and Janne Lehenkari: Defining the crucial users – An activity theoretical approach for finding the missing voices Michael J. Muller: Designing for and with a Community of Designers: Minority Disciplines and Community of Practice Kristian Billeskov Böving, Sisse Finken, Dixi Henriksen, Jens Pors, Hanne Westh Nicolajsen, and Lasse Vogelsang: Categorizing Interactive Web Applications – Findings from an Interdisciplinary Research Project Morten Iversen, Jan Ernfred Madsen, and Jakob Svaneborg Vesterstroem: Learning Participatory Design by Participatory Design Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Janni Nielsen, and Oluf Danielsen: From Action Research to Dialogue Design - With mutual learning as a guiding principle
Sampsa Hyysalo: Representing and constructing use – an activity theoretical perspective to design work Annette Henninger and Andrea Sieber: More User Participation by New Media? Media Use in Small Software Firms Werner Beuschel: Designing for a Semi-Structured Virtual Group: A Work-in-Progress Report on the Project "Alumni-Web 2000" Annelie Ekelin: Mapping out and constructing the needs - different approaches concerning citizen involvement when producing on-line public services Torin Monahan: Built Pedagogies & Technology Practices: Designing for Participatory Learning
Leyla Yekdane Tokman: Interaction To Improve Quality of Design Richard Giordano and David Bell: Participant Stakeholder Evaluation As A Design Method: A Report On Work In Progress Janni Nielsen and Nina Christiansen: Mindtape: A Tool for Reflection in Participatory Design Thomas Berger and Laurent Borgmann: Strategies for participation of learners in virtual learning communities Kathleen A. Ferraro: Restructuring PITTMed Curriculum Online (PCO): A Participatory Design/Open Source Software Approach
5-6:30 Sightseeing (info at registration desk)
Tourist info: Times Square Visitors¹ Center at 7th Ave. between 46th and 47th
Tourist info: NYC Visitors¹ Center at 810 7th Ave. at 53rd
7:30-11 Conference Banquet, Dining Commons, 8th floor
Excellent food, excellent drinks, excellent music, and excellent participants

Friday 1 Dec. 2000

9-11 Registration, Concourse level, CUNY Graduate Center
Paper Session 3
Chair: Lucy Suchman Chair: Toni Robertson Chair: Todd Cherkasky Chair: Judith Gregory
Mark Hartswood, Rob Procter, Mark Rouncefield, and Michael Sharpe: Being There and Doing IT in the Workplace: A Case Study of a Co-Development Approach in Healthcare Johannes Gärtner: Assessing Risks of Participatory Design Projects Niklas Hallberg, Sofie Pilemalm, Sara Jägare, Magnus Irestig, and Toomas Timpka: Quality Function Deployment (QFD) extended Future Workshop: An Approach for Effective and Enjoyable User Participation Julian E. Orr: Lessons from Frankenstein on Technology and Society
Randy Trigg: From Sandbox to "Fundbox": Weaving participatory design into the fabric of a busy non-profit Alexander Voss, Rob Procter, and Robin Williams: Innovation in Use: Interleaving day-to-day operation and systems development Hideyuki Suzuki, Hiroshi Kato, Etsuji Yamaguchi, and Shigernori Inagaki: An ethnographic investigation of the learning of a teacher-as-local-expert in the first phase of introducing computers into an elementary school Ina Wagner, Martin Kompast, and Rüdiger Lainer: Multiple voices in the graphic design of a visual information system
11:30-1 Plenary 3, Auditorium
Chair: Jean Lave
Susan Leigh Star and Geoffrey Bowker (University of California, San Diego), Infrastructures, Voices and Diversities
1-2:30 Conference luncheon, Auditorium lobby
Chair: Randy Trigg
Margot Adler of National Public Radio: Kids, Technology and Culture
Ever since reporter Margot Adler had a son (now a ten-year-old computer gamer), she has been spending some of her reporting time looking at popular kid culture and technology. She shares some of her experiences and thoughts at our luncheon.
Works in progress / lab and country reports 2
Chair: Greg Elmer Chair: Finn Kensing Chair: Cindi Katz Chair: Joan Greenbaum
Olle Bälter and Ann Lantz: A Case Study where PD Would Have Helped – Or Maybe Not? Alex Sokoloff, Virginia Eubanks, Kim Fortun, and Mike Fortun: Open Source Social Science: Web Tools For Collaborative Analysis Of Ethics And Technology Aled Jones: Communicating Sustainability in the Information Age Dean Nieusma: From database Design to Community Mobilization: PD in Sri Lanka`s Energy Sector
Margaret McCormack and Jodi Forlizzi: Listening to User Experience: Integrating technology with proactive wellness management Kim Fortun: Net Risk: Environmental Information Design, Access and Literacy Peter H. Jones: Embedded values in innovation practice: Toward a theory of power and participation in organizations Jason W. Patton: The role of photography as a social research method
Bernhard Nett, Giulio Iacucci, and Volker Wulf: Tayloring Inter-Organizational Tele-cooperation: A Case Study in the German Steel Industry William B. Warner: The Media Determinism Project Shula Klinger: Are they talking yet? Discourse as political action in an online policy forum Ari Shapiro: Show Me Your Avatar: Ethnographic Techniques And The Design Of Children`s Web Sites
E.J. Woodhouse, Overconsumption as a challenge for Designers
4-5 Wrapup, Auditorium
Facilitators: Todd Cherkasky, Joan Greenbaum, Peter Mambrey
Conference feedback and future plans


Last updated: November 27, 2000
Randy Trigg

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